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30th November 2010

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Second Life

Clear sight glasses in "They Live"

For those unaware of the politically charged 80’s B-flick, They Live, Soft Skull Press and author Jonathan Lethem want to bring you into circle of the initiated.  The first entry from Soft Skull’s ”Deep Focus” imprint, John Carpenter’s (Big Trouble in Little China, The Thing, Halloween) 1988 cheesy classic receives a revival of sorts through Lethem’s pop culture write-up.  With standout one-liners, pre-dawn-of-computer-graphics-everything special effects, and one of the most memorable fight scenes (which was recreated shot for shot, blow for blow by a pair of paraplegic kids in a South Park episode, don’t worry, they were just animated), this film has amassed major cult following.  Now just - OBEY - jot on over to this nice little review, and see what those nice kids at the Portland Mercury have to say:

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